ITG Salzburg

The Innovation & Technology Transfer Salzburg (ITG Salzburg) founded in June 2004 is a non-profit oriented organisation owned by several public actors in the Salzburg region. ITG Salzburg focuses on stimulating commercial and research activities with an emphasis on supporting cooperation and coordinating the technology- & innovation-related policies of the Salzburg government. It provides know-how in the development & implementation of measures.

In order to fulfil this assignment ITG Salzburg implements activities for strengthening cooperation between enterprises and research institutions; stimulating knowledge, innovation and technology transfer on a regional, national and international level; the creation and further development of innovative networks as a basis for expertise and improving the access to and exploitation of research results.

ITG Salzburg aims to achieve these objectives with a strategic management of R&D and innovation related activities and to promote Salzburg as an innovative and creative region for both commerce and R&D within the European Community.


A video about CERIM..
...was produced by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme.

CERIM presented innovations for algal biomass
IRI UL attended the traditional 5th Slovene Innovation Forum 2010. Within CERIM project, the top innovations in the field of algal technology were presented.

CERIM to be presented at Slovene Innovation Forum
IRI UL will attend the traditional 5th Slovene Innovation Forum 2010. CERIM project and the top innovations will be presented among other innovations created by Slovene companies and individuals. The entry is free.

Internal innovation workshop
The CERIM partners met in Vienna for an internal workshop where a method for the ranking and selection of high-potential innovations was developed and applied.

Study tour to the US
The CERIM partners visited tech transfer organisations in Detroit and Boston.

5th Technology Platform conf. “Open Innovation”
What can companies benefit from open innovation? That was one of the topics of 5th Slovenian Technology Platform conference which took place in Ljubljana on the 26. November 2009.

CERIM Innovation Symposium
When, if not now, is the opportunity to be innovative? This was the theme of the CERIM Innovation Symposium 09 held in Salzburg, 21-23 October.

Study tour to the UK
The CERIM partners visited technology transfer organisations in London and in Oxford in order to receive input for the development of a new technology transfer model suitable for Central Europe.

CERIM presentation overseas
Dr. Slavko DolinŠek (IRI UL) presented the CERIM project at the PICMET conference "Technology Management in the Age of Fundamental Change" in Portland, USA.

CERIM at the MOTSP conference in Croatia
CERIM partner IRI UL presented the results of CERIM starting phase at the MOTSP-conference in Sibenik, Croatia, on 10 June 2009.

CERIM-presentation in Berlin
The 30th of June did Prof. Dr. Peter Heydebreck (inno AG) present the CERIM-project at a conference in Berlin.